Living in the United Kingdom definitely has its good points, perhaps too many to mention, but whatever you do, you cannot escape the biting cold that autumn ushers in. The home is the one place we expect a high degree of comfort, and in most homes, heat loss is always an issue, but even after the door and window replacements that cut out the draughts, the main living area lacks that homely warmth that only a real fire can bring. Modern gas fires come to the rescue with an affordable alternative to the traditional coal fire, and with all of the benefits of a real fire, natural gas is a very popular choice for the British homeowner.

Flush Gas Fires

If there is one disadvantage with a traditional fireplace it is the space it occupies, and if your living room is on the small side, a flush wall gas fire is the perfect solution. Modern gas fire appliances are not as expensive as you might think, and whether you are hunting for low cost fireplaces in Yorkshire or London, an online search will soon have you connected with the right supplier. 

Interior Design

The fire is perhaps the only household appliance that comes with a large surround, and this enables you to radically alter, and indeed, improve the interior. The fireplace would ideally have the fire centrally located, and if the room is large enough, you can extend it on either side. If you Google image search fireplaces, you will find many creative designs that can incorporate stunning features to really make it the focal point of the room. Stone is a popular material and with hardwood mantels and some shelving, there is no limit to what can be done.

Floor to Ceiling Fireplaces

Using stone pavers, it is possible to create a full length, wall to ceiling fireplace, and with a granite hearth and mantel, you can create a unique feature that incorporates ornaments, and with the right lighting and a gas fire burning in the centre, this type of fireplace can literally transform any living room. Ideally, the supplier would also offer a comprehensive solution with design and build capabilities, and they would typically have an impressive catalogue of images of previous projects, which gives you an idea of the scope. 

The Country Look

Bronze and brass can be used effectively to create that elegant and traditional country look, and the range of stone pavers offers you colour and grain choices. Of course, you would require the space for some of the designs, but no matter the size of your lounge, there is something ideal. Sourcing a company that offers comprehensive solutions allows the homeowner to relax, and if you choose a local company, you can be sure of excellent service and affordable prices.

There are online suppliers of the very latest makes and models of both gas and electric fires, and after some browsing, you should discover the perfect heating solution.