There are different types of roofing contractors available to work. Some work on residential projects, whereas some work on commercial projects. A professional roofing contractor always helps you, no matter what your roofing need is. 

To understand roofing contractors in brief, you should know about the type of roofing contractor and services offered by them. Read the below facts in this article to gain a complete understanding of roofing contractors’ baton rouge. 

Types of roofing contractors 

As we tell you, some roofing contractors work on residential projects and some on commercial projects. Here are the main types of roofing contractors out there for work

  • Residential roofers

Residential roofers mainly work on residential roof construction. Mainly, the homeowner hires the residential roofers because they know well to work on shingles roofs. 

  • Commercial roofers 

The contractors who work on commercial construction are known as commercial roofers. They have huge experience with industrial applications and flat roofs. They sometimes also work on residential construction on the basis of company focus.  

  • Industrial roofers 

Industrial roofers work for industrial roof repairs. They work on the metal roof and industrial application projects. They easily install and repair roofs for industrial structures and manufacturing facilities. 

  • Roofing contractor 

A roofing contractor is someone who works on residential as well as commercial properties. They have a great experience with the type of roofs and make a good choice for people who want to hire a general contractor. 

What services are provided by roofing contractors 

Here are the services provided by every type of roofing contractor. If you want to hire a roofing contractor, you should know about the services given below.

  • Roof installation

Sometimes, the roof repair is not enough. There is a need to install the new roof. So, if you are also in need, you can easily get roof installation services from roofing contractors. 

  • Roof Repair 

Roof repair services are also provided by roofing contractors. If your roof is damaged by hail or storm, it is important to repair the roof as soon as possible. Hiring a roofing contractor for roof repair is suggested because they assess the damage quickly and fix it safely. 

  • Roof replacement 

If you find your roof leaks that need to replace immediately, then also you can hire a professional roofing contractor. The roofers provide roof replacement services with their huge years of experience. 

  • Emergency roof services 

Many roofers also provide emergency roof services. It means if your roof is damaged by a storm or any issue, you can easily get emergency roof repair services from roofing contractors. 

  • Waste and debris removal 

A roofing contractor provides debris and waste removal services. If required, they also remove the roof from your property and dispose of it properly. They clear all the debris and waste on the roof during the installation or repair process of the roof.  


Here is a list of the type of roofing contractors and services offered by them. Hiring different types of contractors relies on your roofing needs.