When it comes to choosing the right colors for your interior, pastels are an excellent choice. These colors can bring out the charm of baroque architecture and pair them with clean lines. Pastel colors are also a good choice for over-sized pieces of decor because they don’t require a lot of frills or patterned fabrics. However, you should avoid smothering your space with them. To achieve a sophisticated effect, consider using a combination of both.

Floral patterns

A French home will always have plenty of textures and flowers, and this style of decor is no different. Floral patterns can be incorporated on everything from bespoke curtains to artwork. But there is still a touch of whimsy and playful charm in the accents. A colorful rooster is one of the most famous accents, and native flowers will always be present to complete the look. Floral patterns in French style interior design are not only timeless, but they also add a charming touch to any room.

Neutral colors

French-style interior design is often characterized by its use of neutral colors, such as cream, white, and beige. The use of neutral colors can be very beneficial for interior design because they help a room appear larger. They also draw attention to accent pieces and furniture in a room, which can be a great benefit if there are dark floors or kitchen cabinets. This color scheme is also dimensional and will never go out of style.

Simple geometric patterns

The timeless elegance of geometric patterns will never go out of style. These patterns are perfect for modern interiors and can be added in a variety of creative ways. Their simplicity is what inspires decorators. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these patterns into your interiors. All of these patterns have their own distinct qualities. These are some of the most popular French interior design trends, and you can find many more on Pinterest.

Geometric shapes are everywhere: flowers and fruits feature symmetrical patterns, and apple seeds and honeycombs have hexagonal shapes. These patterns have long inspired architects. Architects have used them to create elegant buildings. But they’re far more than just patterns. You can use them to create a theme for your interiors, such as geometrical wallpaper. In fact, many of the most stylish French homes today use geometric patterns.

Negative space

The use of negative space is one of the most basic principles of French interior design, which is the basis of the entire style. This element creates an atmosphere of visual comfort and harmony by creating uncluttered spaces. Cluttered spaces, on the other hand, confuse the eye’s focus, making it difficult to appreciate their beauty. A well-balanced space allows the eye to focus on important facets of a room, allowing the viewer to focus on individual objects.

When used properly, negative space creates an airy, harmonious feeling. Many interior designers use negative space to emphasize the space around objects, which creates an illusion of larger spaces. But there are other applications of negative space beyond interior design. It can be used in typography and graphic design. For instance, alternating between lower-case and upper-case letters makes the words easier to read. When used correctly, the effect of negative space drives the effectiveness of the entire design.