When building one’s dream house or dream office is a chore one would love to take, however it is not as easy as it may sound to take the right decisions in this regard. One of the right decisions one can easily take is using the wall putty that can give so many amazing benefits.

Wall putties are like natural shields for the walls of one’s house, factories, office, etc. They protect the walls against natural elements like the sun, rains, etc. They can effectively make one’s brick and mortar walls far stronger than just brick and metal walls.

Why should one use wall putty?

There are several reasons for using it. A putty wall can be much more attractive and last much longer. There are several other advantages such as:

  1. It can make one’s walls waterproof. Humidity is a natural enemy of not only one’s walks but also one’s wooden furniture and furnishings, which can also get a termite infestation as a result.
  2. It can help one’s walls retains the required level of moisture.
  3. It can give one’s wall a superior, better look. A discerning person can easily tell a wall on which wall putty was used and one on which it wasn’t used just by looking at them as the first will have a far superior look.
  4. It can increase the strength of walls. One’s walls must withstand winds, storms, rains, sun, etc., and thus one must provide them with the necessary strength to do so. And wall putty is the way to do that.
  5. One’s walls will show lesser signs of wear and tear. That is because wall putty will shield one’s walls.
  6. It can reduce the cost of repairs and renovation. Naturally, since wear and tear are less, the cost of repairs and renovations is also going to be less.
  7. White cement based putti can make one’s walls smoother.
  8. It can be a great money saver. Since it avails above mentioned benefits, it effectively increases the life of walls and saves money making it an effective case ‘a stitch in time saves nine.
  9. It can create a stronger bond between the wall and paint. Thus the paint stays on the wall longer.


The above discussion proves beyond doubt that using wall putty for walls of one’s home and workplace is not something one can ignore. This is why wall putty is a natural favorite among builders, paint companies, architects, interior designers, etc. It can effectively increase the life of the place on which it has been used for years, even for decades. There are several wall putty brands in India to choose from. And so one may not be on a miss to find a good source. Though it is highly recommended that one should use wall putty from an established brand in the organized sector preferably with a good internet presence. One should also be careful about the type of wall putty one is using and should choose one best suited to one’s needs after a careful analysis of various options available.