Make your own tapestry using fabric paint. Mix fabric paint with water and spray it over your tapestry. Spray different patterns and gradients. Once dry, peel it off and you’re all set to hang your DIY bedroom tapestry! Or, you can even buy a ready-made tapestry and frame from DHgate. Either way, your DIY bedroom tapestry will look amazing! Just be sure to follow a few steps so that it won’t tear off!

DHgate offers nature wall tapestry

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Make a wooden frame to hang a tapestry

One way to hang your bedroom tapestry is by making a wooden frame. This can be made of thin pieces of wood and should be at least one inch wider on all sides than the tapestry itself. If your tapestry is too thick or heavy for a wooden frame, you can also cut foam core and use it instead. In addition, you can stretch canvas over the frame if you don’t want to make a wooden frame.

Alternatively, you can use a headboard and baseboard to hang the tapestry. Make sure that the rod pocket of the tapestry fits into it. A seamstress or homeowner can sew in these rod pockets or install them with screws. In either case, it’s necessary to wrap the tapestry material around the rod pocket and screw it to a bare wall.

Adjust for a loose or taut look

If you are hanging a tapestry on a wall, you must measure the distance between the nails and the bottom of the tapestry. You can use a measuring tape to make sure that the tapestry is level. If you are hanging a heavy tapestry, you may want to use extra-Command strips for strength. Once you’ve measured the distance, apply the strips to the tapestry.

When hanging a DIY bedroom tapestry, make sure to measure the distance between the studs and the tapestry. Use a stud finder to mark the position of the studs and attach the tapestry using drywall screws or masonry screws. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to prevent the tapestry from slipping. After hanging the tapestry, make sure that it’s level and that the strands are positioned as you’d like them.

Avoid moisture build-up

To prevent water damage and mould from growing on your DIY bedroom tapestry, hang it on a wall that’s at least half an inch away from the floor. Before hanging your tapestry, make sure the rods you use are straight. Then, hang the tapestry over the rods, securing them with screws on the bottom and top. Once you’re done, hang the tapestry on the hooks and enjoy your new look!

Use hot glue to mark the screws. If you don’t use a wall anchor, use a baseboard to mark the locations of the screws. Once the wall anchors are in place, use string or rope to hang the tapestry. Always keep the material between the wall anchors level. If the tapestry is too heavy to hang by itself, use wall anchors to secure it.

Create a clean front on a tapestry

If you’re tackling a DIY bedroom tapestry project, the first step is determining whether you’ll hang your piece from a wall or a rod. Tapestries with rod pockets are easily hung from picture hooks. In any case, the front of your tapestry should have a clean, uncluttered look. Alternatively, you can attach a hanging system that will allow you to hang it from a wall.

Next, you’ll need a steamer or steam-cleaning machine. While you don’t necessarily need a steam cleaner, it can make the job much simpler. To remove wrinkles, use a steamer. Otherwise, iron on a cool setting. If you don’t own a steamer, you can always throw the tapestry into a dry cycle and iron it on low. If you’re a Game Of Thrones fan, you can even wash it in the washer and dryer on a gentle cycle and let it dry.